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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Life List #22 - Shuffle-Hop-Step!

Every December, when "White Christmas" starts making its rounds on cable, regardless of what I'm doing I stop in awe of Vera Ellen and her amazing dance skills (and legs), and I always get the urge to dust off my tap shoes and start taking classes. And this year...I did it!

There was, of course, the initial trepidation and anxiety accompanied by trying something new. This was heightened by a disastrous previous attempt at taking a dance class several years ago in which, despite calling ahead to confirm that a beginner could participate, I wound up spending most of the class standing awkwardly at the back of the room because I simply couldn't keep up.

This time around, however, it was nothin' but good! I found a great dance studio called Edge in Hollywood that offers an impressive amount of dance classes for beginning adults. I got myself up early on a Saturday, dusted off the tap shoes I've kept since college, and jumped right in. The verdict? I had a blast! And I've been back three times.

While I don't have visions of "making it" to Broadway, and I probably won't ever be able to do that thing Vera Ellen does where she's tapping but it looks like her foot isn't moving (how does she DO that???), I think I may have discovered a new outlet for fun and creativity. Which is really the whole point of Jen's Mighty Life list.

Edge Performing Arts Center
1020 Cole Avenue, 4th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 962-7733

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